Building a 150 or 200 mm foam ball larp cannon

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Greetings from Israel,

I think i managed to put it all in the title, but here's what i'm looking to build or get help with.
I've been asked to build a larp cannon that will shot one of the two optional size foam balls as a safe projectile.
Since I want to achieve a distance of at least 50 meters (around 55 yards) or greater with a very light but quite big projectile I came up with two options both involve a pvc pipe as a barrel for better accuracy. (The other option is using a theraband gold).

Problems I might have and need the help and knowledge you guys have are:
1. Same size chamber and barrel, is it an option? the barrel would be quite big, 6 or 7.5 inches depending on the ball size.
Bear in mind that the ball must not catch flames while leaving the barrel. :D
2. Achieving that distance with light foam balls. Since it is a larp and the cannon purpose is shooting at castle walls I still want to make sure no one come in harms way if he accidentally get hit by it. For that reason I can't and wouldn't add any weight to the balls.
link to a similar ball. ... 7/file.htm

Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.