Propane fuelmix problem solved.

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Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:46 am

Simple valve
Simple valve
We all know, how tricky it is to get the perfect air-gas mixture out of a propane torch inside a System with a loaded (sealed) barrel and ignite it.
I made a video, but can't upload it.
But... It was so simple ! You can use every Propane Torch for your mixture. And it ignites.
You simply need a valve, which closes under pressure (depending on the possibilities of your source with more or less pressure). The valve closes AFTER the ignition. It sits behind your combustion chamber on a T-Piece and is a simple ceramic ball on a steel spring.
That's all. I now shoot AA-Batteries and Monocells in the orbit^^. With every Propane Torch. Doesn't matter how much pressure it has in the airflow. Scalable and simple. Works like a charm.
Testsetup with T Piece
Testsetup with T Piece
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Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:39 pm

This is pretty interesting, is there any loss in performance from the valve needing to close during combustion rather than before?
And how about safety? I'm sure some gas leaks from the check valve before combustion, is there any chance the check valve won't close before the reaction hits the outside air and burns outside the chamber?
If it all works well this could very well be a good first step for beginners to get into semi-automatic cannons.
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