Pressure Rated PVC Fittings

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I am looking to build my first combustion spud gun. I have found everything with a nsf-pw rating except for the bushing/reducer from 4" to 2" and the cleanout adapter and plug. I checked multiple hardware stores around me and websites and could not find anyone who carried these items with a for-pressure rating. Will this be an issue, or can the fittings be non pressure rated as long as the piping is? If everything must have a pressure rating, where can I find them?

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Fri Jun 18, 2021 3:34 pm

It's obviously better to use pressure rated fittings, but in the past me and many others have used DWV fittings for simple combustions. That said, I'd recommend looking on mcmaster and getting what you need. To replace the cleanout adapter and plug just get a threaded adapter and a SCH-80 threaded plug. You can also use camlocks and plugs instead.
For one of my old cannons I used a cap, male adapter, and female adapter since it's all I could find locally.
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