How accurate is your hybrid gun?

Harness the power of precision mixtures of pressurized flammable vapor. Safety first! These are advanced potato guns - not for the beginner.
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Sun Dec 11, 2022 6:31 am

Can a stable chamber pressure be achieved by filling a fixed amount of fuel with a syringe? How much does your initial speed fluctuate? Because of my national policy, I can't get a barrel with rifling. Can a musket achieve long-range precision strike? :D
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Sun Dec 11, 2022 11:58 pm

1. Yes, fueling with a syringe is reproducible.

2. Shot to shot variation should be less than 10% in muzzle velocity, if you are using consistent ammo. Spuds are generally not very consistent. :)

3. Depends on what you mean by "long range". For anything powered by gases with a smooth bore and non-aerodynamically stable projectiles, "long range" with accuracy is probably 50 yards or less.
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