Failure to break through 10mm steel plate

Harness the power of precision mixtures of pressurized flammable vapor. Safety first! These are advanced potato guns - not for the beginner.
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Tue Jan 31, 2023 1:06 am

Mixing number: 150
Projectile diameter: 12mm
Projectile mass: 7g
Tube length: 100cm
Combustion chamber volume: 20cc
Target: 10mm a3 steel plate.
This is a picture of a 12mm steel ball impacting a 10mm steel plate. The bullet is embedded in the steel plate and cannot be removed. There is a bulge on the back. How much kinetic energy do you think this impact contains? Can it be compared with the 7.62×39mm intermediate rifle bullet? I know that the bullet fired by ak47 can pierce a 10mm steel plate, but the cross-sectional area of the bullet is different, which will affect the penetration. I wonder if the total energy can reach the level of the intermediate rifle bullet? :D