.177 and where to buy in euro

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Hi guys.
I'm from italy I'm having trouble finding the material to make a small .177

In particular I don't know where to buy cheap precision tubes and a qev valve.
the only website where I found some good material is alxprss.

I would like to buy this barrel (5x0.4) and this valve. Do you think they are suitable?
Can you recommend any European or Italian shop?
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Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:09 am


The QEV is suitable however if you plan on using steel BBs, you will lose a lot of energy by using a 5mm ID barrel as the BBs are typically 4.4mm and the air can flow around them.

You might want to look into brake line (tubo di freno?) - Typically the 6mm outer diameter line will have an inner diameter of around 4.7mm, closer to what you want.

There's also copper 6mm tubing that will have an inner diameter of about 4.8mm but it usually comes coiled so you'd have to straighten it out.
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