Convert springer to fullauto?

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Fri Jul 16, 2021 1:37 pm

So i had this idea for a while to try and convert my spring Thompson to a fullauto AEG by dissassembling the model and replacing the spring piston with an AEg Gearbox like this

I also plan on taking off and replacing the plastic grip and stock and make a wooden grip and stock and hollow the grip and stock out a bit to make room for the battery. and I also hope to make the barrel longer to match the width of the actual thompson.

So I need you guy's opinion, is this possible and will the Gearbox I showed be able to fit into the spring thompson I have or would i have to modify the shell a little bit? Also would the magazine that came with the gun be able to handle the blowback of the gearbox?

Heres a pic of what the spring thompson I owned since middle school looks like ... s-l640.jpg