Nerf Gun Converted To Shoot 50CAL Paintballs.

Miniature guns are novelty custom, unique, and sometime downright crude! Common construction materials often include pill bottles or pens. Show us your work!
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Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:02 am

Hey it's been a while guys. Last time I was here I tried to plug something complete irrelevant to the forum, so I apologise.

However, this time I'm working on a weapon segment channel for homemade blasters and other projects which are safe to use on people (in a controlled environment of course).

I've seen a lot 'half arsed' homemade paintball guns where it's one shot, and you have to take another 5 minutes to pump up and shoot again and it would be completely impractical in any situation. I would consider that just a glorified spudgun.

However, I've designed the most basic hopper design (working progress as there is dead space as the balls shoot out) where you'd expect it double feed, but it doesn't. Here's a picture of my theory, of course it's up for discussion. So far, I've tested out some of the air powered guns and they don't double feed and chambers each round smoothly.

It should work for most round projectile this hopper design, I've yet to try it with airsoft BBs, but that'll be my next project.

For the hopper to work though however, the hopper tube has to be loose enough for the balls to feed properly, but enough so there isn't any blowby so the balls can move in an upwards motion to keep the ball from double feeding.



I hope you find this video entertaining since if I'm going to showcase something, I want to make it fun. If anyone here lives in Brisbane, Australia - and want to showcase their blaster (even though it is abit in the illegal side of things here) let us know.
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