Making a Combustion Cannon; Suggestions?

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:violent3: Hi, I am a new user on the forums but I have been reading the forums for several months now anonymously.
I have made three cannons before, unfortunately sticking with hairspray and bbq ignition in all of them. It is the cross I must bear :cry:
After discovering the cult of spudders on the internet, I realized :idea: how obsolete my cannons were and after scouring through spudtech, burnt latke, advancedspuds, the spud wiki and spudfiles, first I have to say that I am so thankful for all the time and effort these people have put into their sites or contributions!
I think I am almost ready to stop researching and start building, once school is over, and the cannon type I settled on creating is a schedule 80 combustion cannon, although I would love to make a Hybrid if I have enough time and cash. Most of the features that will make up the cannon are in the following list.
Please suggest ideas or changes as you see fit! :wink:
  • Over/Under Cannon Design (Bigger is Better until it outbalances the budget!)

    3 Inch Sch 80 Chamber Diameter

    Tazer Ignition wired to push button (Wiring through the SINGLE HOLE drilled, which will be cast in ?Epoxy?JBWeld?)

    Multiple Spark Gaps (Hosted on slices of 2 inch PVC attached to a thick wooden dowel cut in half, which is GLUED to the
    chamber bottom)

    Push Button connected to 12 Volt batteries and Computer fan (Wiring through same hole ignition wires run through)

    MAPP Gas Metering Pipe

    Cam Lever Coupling (for easily detachable, interchangeable barrels and BREECH LOADING!)

    Optional Burst Disk Attachment (Taking advantage of Cam Coupling O-Rings)

    Several Barrels(all fit the 0.8:1 chamber:barrel requirement, chamber volume will be water measured, then barrel cut according to volume); Smoothbore 2 Inch, sdr 21 pipe sleeved into Sch 80 pipe, Smoothbore 2 ? inch Tennis Ball barrel

    Laser pointer held in short modified 1/2 inch PVC

    Several modified PVC pipes & fittings assembled to become grips tied down with hose clamps.
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