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Thu Feb 04, 2021 10:23 pm

so i drew up my own version of a tippmann X-valve the heart of most of the tippmann line in paintball 98, 98c, a5, etc

anyhow its way bigger by design

there suppose to sit inside 1.5" pvc

the face where the hammer hits to work the valve is the same size as 1.5" pvc and fits inside a 1.5 pvc pipe coupler

essentially forming a power tube and should work just like the real deal except instead of high pressure and low volume the opposite

low pressure 100 psi high volume which in my opinion should give you blow back pressure to reset the hammer and ports can be added to do additional things just like the real version activated when the valve is fired

these are not finished yet I plan to use a carriage bolt (metal) for the firing pin and some pctpe for the valve sealing face

to the short

a giant inline hammer fired blow back valve

now for the questions

so the idea is to print them in ABS 100% infill or solid

the reason is during vapor smoothing it can also completely weld it to a much smoother shiny solid part sealing it even further or ensuring beyond the print process that it is solid all the way

i doubt it will by itself have any issue holding the pressure but if the idea is because it will be encased in schedule 40 pvc which is rated for pressure will this be enough in theory to ensure the valve not fail

any thoughts or ideas would great thanks ahead of time

here are the pics and incase anyone is not familiar with this system i included link showing how the tippmann functions

also note I printed it with a fairly large layer height to reduce print time for the prototypes ... mann98.gif
giant tippy valves1.jpg
giant tippy valves.jpg
abs before smoothing.jpg
smoothed abs GTV.jpg
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Sun Feb 07, 2021 6:44 am

Very interesting idea! It will be interesting to see if the dynamic still functions at relatively low pressure - primarily if a spring strong enough to sufficiently open the hammer valve is also weak enough to be recocked by the pressure.

I also have my doubts about holding pressure, surely a 3d print is too porous... maybe some sort of epoxy dip or fill would be a good idea?

What are you planning to use as ammunition?

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