SpudFiles Wiki:General disclaimer



You view and interpret material from this web site SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

It should also be understood that the use of plastic water pipe (PVC, ABS, or any other) for spud cannons is one of the MOST WRONG things you can do with the pipe. Accidents are rare however, as most people follow generally accepted safe practices through proper solvent welding, and conservative fuel usage. Using “high power” fuels such as acetylene and/or nitrous oxide or pure oxygen as oxidizers is highly discouraged. Low environmental temperatures (below freezing) also makes plastic pipe far more brittle, so accidents happen more frequently in colder air. If you choose not to take into account the risks of spud cannons, I feel no sympathy to you when you blow yourself into bits.

This Disclaimer Does Not cover misuse, accident, lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake, hurricanes or any other Acts Of God. Read As Directed. Slippery When Wet. Do not mutilate or puncture. Skin Irritation May Arise. Wash Hands After Use. If problems consist, Contact Doctor Because Ur Sick! We are not held liable for that. Batteries Not Included. For External use Only. Use Only With Proper Ventilation. Move Along people there is nothing to see here. Thank you for your time!

By viewing the material provided via spudfiles.com you are stating that you understand the risks of a spud gun and you are smart enough not to get hurt or hurt anything else. Also, you are stating that if you do anything harmful with your spud gun, I am not responsible what's so ever.

If you do not agree please leave now, or forever hold your bodily pieces.