My first working pengun- ammo questions...

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Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:13 am

:D Okay I have all my new components! Unfortunately though, since my piston's seal has already worn out, I cannot shoot the new ammo quite yet.

For the new seal, I am using 1/16" Ultra Strength Neoprene from McMaster, which I think will last much longer than the old seal, which was simple Natural Rubber Latex of the same thickness from the hardware store. The epoxy is still setting, but I hope it works well and for much longer! Because I would also like to make a more aesthetically pleasing gun that is not serviceable, and don't want the piston wearing out because then it'd be useless.
I also received the schrader cores I ordered: 9914B short cores from an aviation supply. They're rated to 4000psi and fit in any old schrader valve body. I hope this lasts long too, because I got sick of replacing valves whose seals were destroyed from the pressure.
hectmarr wrote:
Tue Dec 22, 2020 9:14 pm
If you want to get a bit of sparks and smoke, add a small drop of oil, like spring-loaded airguns do, with the dieseling effect. Your work was excellent, I'm thinking of building one like me too. :)
Thanks! Really does mean a lot. I will try that sometime soon, sounds like it'd make for a really cool effect.
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