Co2 metal pipe gun

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Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:07 pm

The bullets are 15mm fishing sinkers covered in duct tape so that the pressure builds up.
The barrel is a smooth 15mm stainless steel pipe.
The loading chamber is a threaded 20mm steel pipe with a threaded cap on top.

A 15x20mm adapter connects the 15mm barrel to the 20mm T fitting.
It has a pressure washer trigger and uses a pressure washer hose connected to a 40kg tank of carbon dioxide.

You will need multiple threaded adapters to connect the trigger to the T fitting and also the hose to the tank. There is many combinations you can choose.
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Cute! I like the kick it gives, I guess you can take down an aggressive secret girlfriend dad with that. :twisted: Tell us a little more about how you made it.
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