Golf ball

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Golf balls are commonly used as ammo in spudguns for a few reasons

  • Uniform in shape and size
  • Aerodynamic
  • Availability


Golf balls fit in 1.5" SDR 21 (id 1.7") PVC pipe, but because of its thin walls, it may be sleeved inside 2" SCH 80 PVC pipe.

Another barrel is Sch 10 1.5" (id 1.682") metal pipe.

As golf balls are spherical, the construction of a hop-up device is common. These consist of a high-friction object on the top of the barrel which catches and puts a back spin on the ball. This backspin generates lift via the magnus effect, greatly extending the range of a golf ball. Also, it improves accuracy, because instead of a spin in a random direction pushing the golf ball off course, you have a consistent back spin.


Mantle removal: By removing the outer covering (mantle) of the golf ball, you reduce the diameter which allows you to put it in 1.5" sch 40 pipe. This is best done with a chisel or such tool. However, this removes the dimples; they increase the magnus effect (responsible for lift) and decrease the drag. This means that the ball won't go as far.

"fin" insertion: By drilling a hole and inserting a nail/golf tee/stick, you prevent the golf ball from spinning. This improves accuracy by protecting the golf ball from the magnus effect.


  • Diameter: 1.68 inches
  • Mass: 46g

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